Bridge Page Funnel

A Bridge Funnel is a strategy to help you pre-frame cold traffic for the thing you want to sell – your affiliate offer.

Attract new customers and get them interested in more information about the product or service you’re promoting.

How Does It Work?


Step 1. Squeeze page

Squeeze pages sometimes display as a pop-up,
sometimes as a simple in-content form and sometimes as a full-functioning landing page.
The idea of a funnel is to provide your visitor as much value as possible, so they are willing to give you things in return.
This could be their email address, money, name, or other personal information like a birthday or a home address.


Step 2. Bridge Page

The ‘Bridge Page’ continues to add to the value of the ‘Squeeze Page’ and help pre-frame your audience just a little more before moving them to the affiliate offer. After you’ve talked more in-depth about you, your offer, and how it can change their life, give them a call to action button to check out the offer on the next page.



We set up automated email follow-ups.

Automated emails are a great way to provide tailored experiences for potential customers,

because you can customize them based on the data you collect about their behavior.

They help increase your email marketing’s relevance, engagement, and revenue.

Automated customer journeys help customers feel like they belong on your list,

increasing their chances of moving through the sales cycle.

* Create a follow-up sequence based on visitor behavior.

* Ask for a reply in the first email.

* We optimize email structure to avoid spam.

* Sequence from at least six emails or even more.

Prospects get a lot of emails, so we must stay in front of customers for a prolonged time.

Let’s Work Together

Let’s Work Together


What are sales funnel stages?

Awareness, interest, evaluation, desire, action, loyalty.

How do you test a sales funnel?

Funnel tests work similarly to the A/B test. But, instead of changing only some elements,
we can create different variations of every single page in the sales funnel.

What is a good funnel conversion rate?

A good conversion rate is anything above 5%.

Which funnel builder is best?

It depends on your needs.

How do you track a sales funnel?

Google Analytics or Facebook pixel will be installed.

How can I increase my funnel conversion rate?

We can increase the conversion rate by optimizing your funnel.

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