Email Automation

Email workflows are a series of automated emails that can be triggered based on subscriber contact information,
behavior, or preferences. Depending on your goal, we’ll set up an automation workflow.
It will allow you to send messages to the right people at the right time and help guide them through a customer journey.



Benefits of automation

Companies use marketing automation software to send their audiences timely, personalized, and hyper-relevant messages.
These automated marketing campaigns are opened often and drive more revenue than standard manual emails.
Automation allows the correct content to be delivered at the right time to the correct people. It will enable your business to respond to audience needs quickly.
Relevant and timely messages drive revenue, making marketing campaigns more productive and efficient.
And the most significant benefit of all is saving time. Time is money.



A well-crafted welcome email will help warm up your customers.
Use storytelling to tell your brand’s story, share some interesting facts, or give customers an inside look.
In this way, build relationships faster and push them further through the sales funnel.


Only around 30% of carts make it through the checkout process.
So you can recapture a significant portion of sales.
Visitors already have a product in mind,
they’re about to pull the trigger.
Just give them an incentive.

Tools For Email Marketing


Increase sales by recommending a product to a customer by using data, such as recent customers’ purchases,
their own shopping behavior, or bestsellers that the merchant wants to showcase.
Give the right offer to the right person


A great win-back email campaign can help to keep subscribers engaged with your brand.
Regain interest once a subscriber stops opening your message.
It’s much cheaper to recover a customer than to acquire a new one.


Personalizing your automation workflow is vital to achieving the best results. Personalized email subject lines are more effective in attracting the reader’s attention.
The conversion rate of email marketing is the highest of any marketing. The average ROI for every $1 spent on email marketing is $38.
However, this kind of return on investment is only possible if customers want to hear from your company.
What is most important, personalization can make feel customer special.



Finding new customers is essential for business. But also, it’s equally important
if not more so to build customer loyalty.
Your customers are the ones who keep you in business.
Treat them right, and they won’t just buy from you again; they’ll tell others about you.
Email marketing, automation, and personalization are key to a well-planned customer retention program.
Marketing automation is a vital tool for any business, regardless of size.



According to Baymard Institute, 69.8% of customers abandon their carts and don’t complete the purchase process.

Welcome Emails Skyrocket User Engagement By Up to 500%

Abandoned Cart Emails Have a 40% Open Rate.

Studies reveal that personalized emails have an average open rate of 18.8% or 5.7% higher than non-personalized email messages.

47% of marketers stated that email is their most effective marketing channel, followed by social media marketing (39%), SEO (33%), and content marketing (33%).



Let’s Work Together

Let’s Work Together


What's the best time to send emails?

You have to catch your audience at the right time when they are paying the most attention.
The best time depends on several factors like day of the week, time of the day, audience demographics, and behaviors. We’ll figure it out for you.

Should I buy an email list?

Definitely- NO. It damages deliverability and negatively affects brand reputation. It’s spam.
Great email lists aren’t for sale! You have to build your own list.

What metrics should I track for email marketing?

The most important metrics are: open rate, clickthrough rate, conversion rate, general ROI, bounce rate,
list growth rate, forwarding rate, unsubscribe rate.

How can i grow my email subscribers list?

There are various creative techniques how to grow subscriber lists. Basically, you need to offer something in exchange for an email address.
Contact us for more info.

Why I need Email Marketing A/B Testing?

A/B split testing is the only way to statistically prove which email campaigns are most effective.

What is the ROI of email marketing?

It obviously depends on the business, and what you’re offering, but the ROI is best among all marketing channels.

How To Build a Funnel That Skyrockets Your Sales

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