In email marketing, every single element matters. A well-crafted email will deliver a friendly, clear, concise, and actionable message.
An email has a purpose – get the results you want.




Email design is the process of strategically designing and creating an email that resonates with your target audience.
We believe that no one should try to read long blocks of text. Whether it’s an email, blog, or webpage — people want to be able to scan.
It’s just expected that information should be easy to digest, attention-grabbing, and aesthetically pleasing.stripo

1. Subject line

The subject line of an email is the first thing your reader will see.
The short introduction is supposed to get your recipients’ attention. It should make them want to read your email.
A great subject line should catch readers’ attention with as few words as possible.
It has to provide value for the recipient that makes them want to open the email and
summarize what readers should expect to see opening this email.





 2. Attention-grabbing preheader


Your email pre-header is like a preview of your email— similar to the meta description of a web page. It’s the second thing recipients see.
Instead of rewriting the first sentence of your email, customize the pre-header to give recipients a hint at what’s coming up in your message.


3. Concision

Keep the email short. Make sure to give your recipients the information they want and need without expanding too much.
This will show them that you value their time.


4. Brand your email

When you email your customers, they should know it’s from your company. That way, you can use branding tactics like using the same colors
and fonts that you use in your other branding materials, including your logo and a link to your website, links to your social media accounts,
and calls to action relevant to your products or services.


5. Use layout

Nobody likes to read an email that’s cluttered, disorganized, and difficult to understand —
this can leave recipients feeling overwhelmed and more likely to abandon the email altogether.
Instead of cramming in as much content as possible, organize your layout with user experience (UX) in mind — meaning,
leave empty/ white space and strategically place your written and visual content, so it’s organized and easy to consume and navigate.


6. Personalize

Personalizing an email to your recipient will feel more thoughtful, professional, and personal.
Personalizing your emails also helps you humanize your brand, establish a relationship with your customers and
boost your business’s retention rate.


7. Visuals

When crafting your emails, consider incorporating engaging images and videos to break up the written content,
as well as create a memorable experience for your readers.


8. Optimize call to action

You should make your CTAs stand out and clearly show why they’re valuable. You may want to personalize them for specific recipients —
this tactic has proven to be more effective than a generic CTA.


9. Design an email signature.

An email signature is a great way to establish a professional and personal feel over email. Your signature should contain more than just your name —
it should feature your role, contact information, and company.


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What's the best time to send emails?

You have to catch your audience at the right time when they are paying the most attention.
The best time depends on several factors like day of the week, time of the day, audience demographics, and behaviors. We’ll figure it out for you.

Should I buy an email list?

Definitely- NO. It damages deliverability and negatively affects brand reputation. It’s spam.
Great email lists aren’t for sale! You have to build your own list.

What metrics should I track for email marketing?

The most important metrics are: open rate, clickthrough rate, conversion rate, general ROI, bounce rate,
list growth rate, forwarding Rate, unsubscribe rate.

How can i grow my email subscribers list?

There are various creative techniques how to grow subscriber lists. Basically, you need to offer something in exchange for an email address.
Contact us for more info.

Why I need Email Marketing A/B Testing?

A/B split testing is the only way to statistically prove which email campaigns are most effective.

What is the ROI of email marketing?

It obviously depends on the business, and what you’re offering, but the ROI is best among all marketing channels.

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