Lead Generation Funnel

A lead magnet funnel is simple strategy where you acquire leads by giving away something in exchange for their email address.

How Does It Work?

You drive traffic to a landing page where you catch your audience’s attention and offer them a valuable lead magnet. This landing page will get them to click through and give you their contact information. Once you have prospect’s contact information, it’s your job to get them to move through your sales funnel.


Lead Magnet Funnel

Step 1. Lead magnet - (Opt-In Page)

Prospect insert their contact information on this landing page. You can use a variety of methods to encourage visitors to give you their email addresses. The most effective way to attract visitors is by offering them a free resource that’s very specific to your target market.

Create a Lead Magnet That Offers a Solution A Problem

Find a painful problem and create lead magnet that offers a solution to it. Your lead magnet can be anything that your ideal customers can either download directly to their devices or access online: video, PDF, webinar, cheat sheet and infographic. You want to pick a format that is best suited for conveying your message. If you were in your customer’s shoes, in what form would you like to receive that content?

Step 2. Thank you page

It’s an effective way to express appreciation toward your leads, prospects, and customers for taking the desired action.
But that is not the only purpose. We could add links to your social media accounts to help you grow your social media following.
You can also use your Thank You page to add more value. Consider providing free resources such as ebooks,
reports, templates, or links to blog posts that may be helpful to your customers.



We set up automated email follow-ups.
Automated emails are a great way to provide tailored experiences for potential customers,
because they can be customized based on the data you collect about their behavior.
They help increase your email marketing’s relevance, engagement, and revenue.
Automated customer journeys help customers feel like they belong on your list,
increasing their chances of moving through the sales cycle.

* Create a follow-up sequence based on visitor behavior.
* Ask for a reply in the first email.
* We optimize email structure to avoid spam.
* Sequence from at least 6 emails or even more.
Prospects get a lot of emails so we need to stay in front of customers for a prolonged period of time.



You may be wondering what’s the difference between the B2B lead gen funnel and B2C lead gen funnels.
What matters isn’t so much whether you’re selling to businesses or consumers, but how much your product costs. The more expensive it is, the more value you need to provide as you lead magnet.
Providing value is how you establish trust.

Let’s Work Together

Let’s Work Together


What are sales funnel stages?

Awareness, interest, evaluation, desire, action, loyalty.

How do you test a sales funnel?

Funnel tests work similarly to the A/B test. But, instead of changing only some elements,
we can create different variations of every single page in the sales funnel.

What is a good funnel conversion rate?

A good conversion rate is anything above 5%.

Which funnel builder is best?

It depends on your needs.

How do you track a sales funnel?

Google Analytics or Facebook pixel will be installed.

How can I increase my funnel conversion rate?

We can increase the conversion rate by optimizing your funnel.

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