Best Lead Magnet Ideas for eCommerce

Why we need lead magnets for eCommerce?

According to case studies, the average conversion rate of eCommerce stores is 3%.
Visitors arrive on your site and browse through your product pages, but most of them will never convert and become customers.
If your website has a low conversion rate, you could be getting a negative return on investment,
the time and money you have invested in generating traffic to your website.
That’s why you need to obtain potential customers’ email addresses so you can keep in touch with them, build connections and try to
convince them to buy.
Lead magnets are a very effective way to turn one-time visitors into repeat customers.
Here are the best lead magnet ideas for eCommerce.

1. Quizes as lead magnets

A quiz lead magnet has a high conversion rate that is even higher than discount coupons.
Some experts claim that the average conversion rate for quizzes is more than 50%
Quizzes are excellent eCommerce lead magnets because they convert well and tend to attract higher-quality subscribers.
People who take quizzes are typically more engaged and interested in your website than those who don’t.
Quizzes are not likely to attract impulse buyers, because they require some time investment from the customer.

Implement quizzes that help match visitors to their ideal product. By asking the right questions,
you can create a customized experience for each customer. You will have the opportunity to segment your email list and target each subscriber
with specific content, leading to a more engaged audience.

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2. Offer free shipping

I suggest always offering free shipping, but giving a “free shipping” coupon
is a great way to get leads. Nobody wants to pay for shipping, so provide it in exchange for an email address, it’s perfect lead magnet idea.
By the way, shipping cost is one of the major card abandonment factors.


3. Discount coupons

Shoppers are often inspired to purchase an item when offered a discount.
It’s good to get leads, but you need to consider whether it suits your business.
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4. Ebooks

You offer an e-book as a lead magnet ,a reward for people joining your email list.
Books provide deep intellectual value, diving into a customer’s problem so they can discover how your product or service solves it.
This is a great way to let your potential customers know that you are an expert in your industry and it gives them another way to learn about the services you offer.
This can also help showcase your authority while it also builds trust with potential customers.


5. Offer free items

Who doesn’t like free stuff?
You might want to send out a free product as part of your lead magnet, some samples, or small freebies.
Giveaways are a great way to drive more sales and email subscribers, but they do not drive up discount expectations. Additionally,
since you can control which products you give away, you know exactly how much financial value is being given away.
Finally, a product giveaway gives you the chance to introduce your customers to your product and earn future revenue from repeat sales.

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6. Run a contest

Contests are a great way to attract attention and boost sales. It differs from giveaways because giveaways don’t require customers to purchase,
but contests do. These promotions allow consumers to try products risk-free while catering to those already loyal to a brand.
Contests require much effort on the consumer’s behalf, but the benefits are immense.
The challenge of winning a large prize entices people to pay a subscription fee or buy a product in order to participate in a contest.



7.  Create educational videos or training videos

Another great lead magnet ideas are tutorials. Training or “how to” video is great for educating customers on how to best use your products
You can showcase different features, demonstrate the setup process, or show off some of the unique aspects related to your products.
For example, if you sell dishwashers you could offer access to an instructional video on how to clean it.


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