Best Ways to Improve Email Metrics


Clean Up Your E-mail Contact List

A significant part of increasing email metrics is list building, but the quality is more important than quantity when it comes to email campaigns.
Do not keep low-quality leads on your list. This will hurt your overall performance.
Review your contact list at least once every six months to remove any contacts who are no longer relevant.
Once you have sent two unsuccessful re-engagement emails to a lead, it is time to stop wasting your time and focus on other,
more engaging opportunities.
If you send marketing messages to recipients who don’t care about your offer, you may damage your email metrics and negatively impact your email deliverability.

Optimize Frequency

In addition to timing, frequency is another factor that can influence how effective an email marketing campaign is.
Sending more emails does not necessarily lead to more orders, it could make customers ignore your orders.
However, you might send your campaigns and miss out on opportunities to engage.
If you aren’t present in your audience’s world, they won’t feel the pulse of your brand, and won’t be motivated to buy from you.


Understand Your Audience

Understanding who are your customers and their behavior is crucial in every form of marketing.
We can apply some general insights, but more specific audiences require deeper research.
Generating interest in a 10 PM email purchase may not be a problem if you are targeting customers in their 20s,
as young people check their emails on mobile phones all the time.
People who stay at home are more likely to open emails during business hours than those who are busy.
Every audience is unique, so what works for one group probably won’t be so convenient for the other.
Understanding your customer more deeply than competitors, could be a significant advantage.
Knowing their desires and tendencies helps you create more effective marketing campaigns.


Subject Line

It seems easy to write a subject line after each campaign.
We add a brief summary of the content to the subject field and don’t think much about it.
But it’s the wrong approach! The subject line is where the first initial impression is formed.
It’s the first thing people will see when a new email appears in their inbox.
Good subject lines are essential to a successful email campaign, so they should be one of your main priorities when crafting a new email.


Automate Your Campaigns

Sending emails manually eats away at your productivity, while unnecessarily increasing your workload.
Marketing automation allows you to configure emails to send at specific times so you can concentrate on other tasks.
Remember that automated emails can still be personalized in a variety of ways.
Once you set up an automated email workflow, you’ll be able to send highly targeted messages with the touch of a button, so it will significantlyincrease email metrics.


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