Sales Funnels vs. Website


In the realm of marketing and online business,
owners need to understand how to create a web presence that is compatible with their business goals. Sales funnels and websites can help.
It is important to be able to recognize different patterns and how they can be applied to improve your return on investment.
Many consider a website and a sales funnel to be the same thing, but actually, it isn’t.

Web pages consist of various information about products and offers,
the source documents for the sales and discounts, contact details, and other business information.
All these web pages are part of the same website, which is hosted on a single domain name.

Fortunately, there are much better ways to build an email list of people who are much more
engaged and interested in your products.


Sales Funnel

A sales funnel conceptually is a framework for leading visitors through a sequence of steps toward a final desired outcome.
The goal of your sales funnel could be to collect a lead, make a sale, or any other action that you have decided.
It’s simply better to aim for a singular goal in order to maximize return.

A sales funnel typically includes these steps:

Awareness – The first phase of the buyer’s journey is awareness.
The objective of this phase is to make potential customers aware of your business, its brand, and products or services.

Consideration – Prospective customers are interested in purchasing your product, but they’re still evaluating value.

Conversion – After the customer decides to buy a product or service and makes a purchase.

Loyalty – When a buyer maintains a commitment to a company or brand over time.


Sales Funnel vs. Websites

Sales Funnel VS Websites

The main difference is that while website provides an opportunity to come,see and explore,
sales funnels are primarily intended to drive sales and purchases. One entity presents, whereas another takes action.

Conversion rates
Conversion rate is a percentage that indicates the proportion of traffic that decides to make a purchase.
Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is important for those looking to increase their return on investment (ROI).
A sales funnel is the most effective way to achieve high conversion rates.
Your website can be accessed via multiple ways, allowing visitors to go through dozens of webpages.
Funnels have a predefined pathway that leads potential buyers to make a purchase through stages leading to the ultimate goal.
When you’re working on a project that involve more than just a sales, such as providing certain information and ext.. You need website.
If you want to sell – funnel is what you need.

Do I still need website
Definitely yes. You can come accross wih bold statements from online gurus, that websites are dying.
Nonsense, they just trowing around vague phrazes, it’s just example of polorizing marketing.
You need both funnels and website, it just depends on your goal.
However, if you are not able to afford a website, then social media accounts are an acceptable substitute.
But if you want to create a blog or company information page just as a showcase of your work, you don’t need sales funnel.
If you do want leads and sales coming to your business, then you are most likely better off creating a sales funnel.



















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