Customer Retention

Sales and customer acquisition are both critical to growing and sustaining a business.
But you should focus on customer retention with the same amount of energy and commitment as you do on acquiring new customers. This helps in the long-term relationships with the customer.
Your existing customers are already comfortable with your company and your products or services.
They know who you are and what you stand for. Your brand is familiar.
Customers know how to reach you, where to go for more information and what to expect from you.
So it’s easier to sell.
It’s very simple, really. If your customers love you, they will be happy to recommend your services to their family and friends.
This turns into free advertising for you.

Build Loyalty

It’s important to pursue new clients, as well you need to ensure that your existing ones stay committed.
Loyal customers are key to growth. Sometimes, people simply want to be thanked for their loyalty to your company.
Cultivating a sense of personability with your customers can help you create a lasting bond.
Simple gestures can show customers that you recognize and value the extent of their current loyalty.
Finding creative ways to reward your loyal customers will make them feel special and stimulates an emotional response.
At this point, it’s best to be as personal as possible. If you can recognize the loyal customer as an individual and not just some random customer who’s spent a lot of money with you, the gifts will be better appreciated.
The more personal your reward is, the better it will tend to be received.

Be consistent

Relationship marketing focuses on long-term goals, taking into account the needs and wants of the customer.
Consistency is also an important factor, when it comes to improving customer relationships.
It’s always good to remember that customers buy into a particular experience and want to be
consistently treated the way they want to be treated.
This can create a relationship for the customer that is mutually beneficial,
which fosters loyalty and trust between the consumer and business.


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